Book 89 - Between the Pages #100daysofbooks (verdict: different)

Day 89. Between the Pages reminded me a little of The Neverending Story in the sense of that book about the book itself (there's no horses dying in this picture book, thank goodness). Basically, two little boys are on a man adventure through a jungle, and on each page they're getting into a big scrape and it's a hurry to turn the page and therefore get them out of it (or at least move on). In this way, the story picks up a frantic pace towards the end, which I can see being good fun with an older child (an it's Australian too, given the redbacks - beware of that page, arachnophobes). The pictures are lush, and they help tell the story. My only detracting comment (besides yet again male protagonists) is that the opening of the book doesn't make it entirely clear at first that we are "within" the book we're reading, so the first time it extols to turn the page to get out of trouble, I was a bit confused. Other than that, I like the ingenuity.

Master A's verdict: Turning pages faster was a good thing to avoid another chewing of a library book.


  • Title: Between the Pages
  • Author/Illustrator: Joan van Loon / Chantal Stewart
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.