From cover 2 cover

Two lovely readers have messaged me in the last 24 hours to say they finished Iron Junction in a single sitting. I'm so flattered, because in today's world the luxury of such a block of time devoted to reading is a precious thing. Some of us are fast readers and some of us are slow, but there's something special about the long escape into story world, maybe by bedside lamp (or iPad light), barely registering the passage of time, except by our fingers turning (or clicking) the pages. Waking bleary-eyed after very little sleep, but satisfied because we had to finish it, and we did. This got me to thinking about the last time that I read a book from cover to cover, and I'd love to know yours, too. Or maybe you're the kind of voracious reader who regularly takes your books this way. Sadly, I rarely can, but I remember the last one I read in a single sitting very clearly. It was JR Ward's Lover Awakened. I read it on the couch in our little cottage, from early in the morning one Saturday until the sun was going down, and it was magic.

So what was the last novel you devoured wholesale? Or if you simply can't, the last one you wished you could have read this way?