Iron Junction's fabulous launch

  Meg Vann officiating with flair

Last night, a horde of excited readers descended on Wandering Cooks for Iron Junction's official launch, braving even the rugby traffic. Food, wine, friends and books makes for a winning combination, and we all had a great night. I want to especially thank QWC CEO Meg Vann for her lovely launch speech, and for her deft conduct of our Q&A, and my equally lovely publisher Bernadette Foley for coming all the way from Sydney. Rebekah Turner also excelled in organising cool themed choccies and waterbottles, and finally, the group of cos-players who came dressed in hi-vis and hardhats (and scared me witless when I thought we were being evacuated!). Thankyou all!


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The gorgeous arrangement from everyone at Hachette - perfect :)